As thousands of refugees from Afghanistan arrive in many countries for resettlement or onward
movement, the ATA and YATA initiated this new part of the official website to be able to
provide information – international and from all ATA member associations, in order to help
Afghan refugees wherever they try to begin their new lives.
Some of our ATA members have already joined with NGOs or other private aid groups to help
meet the needs of refugees coming into their country. This resource page on our website will
help ATA member associations to get involved to assist the Afghan refugees.
Therefore, in this place, ATA and YATA will publish information on international organizations,
but also examples of good practices on how our member associations are assisting refugees in
their countries, and also to inform and inspire other ATA member associations to play a role.
We are aware that ATA and YATA can have a major impact given that its reach is broad across
Europe, the Middle East, and North America and it runs deep into Allied and Partner countries.
Therefore, we should use our greatest asset – our members – to help out where we can. Our
cooperation will help us all do a better job assisting the refugees!

Refugee and migration useful websites:

  • Find missing family
  • Housing
  • The UN Refugee Agency
  • How To Help Our Afghan Allies, Donate and Volunteer
  • Connectivity for refugees/social connections

 Actions by Country





  • Atlantic Council of Albania


  •  The United States of America

 EX-ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS FORM GROUP TO AID AFGHAN REFUGEES: Former Bush and Obama administration officials have launched a new organization to help resettle the roughly 65,000 Afghans evacuated amid the U.S. military withdrawal and galvanize public support for their arrival in the United States, per http://USA Today’s REBECCA MORIN..

Welcome.US “will work with local and state officials, businesses, veterans’ groups, faith-based organizations and the top refugee organizations to engage with Americans on how they can help the Afghan refugees,” Morin wrote, as well as direct grants from major businesses toward nonprofit groups assisting with resettlement efforts.

BILL CLINTONHILLARY CLINTONBARACK OBAMAMICHELLE OBAMAGEORGE W. BUSH and LAURA BUSH will all serve as honorary co-chairs of the organization.

  • Spain

These are the Spanish Ministries involved with refugees:

Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations (Secretary of State for Migration) in the assistance part

Ministry of the Interior (Office of Asylum and Refuge) in the administrative part to legalize their situation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs participates in the efforts to locate them in Afghanistan and negotiates that they allow them to leave

  • Georgia’s Role in Afghanistan Evacuation Efforts


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