Date: 12 June, 2015


Location: Brussels

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Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) – Secretariat

NATO Head Quarter, Brussels, Belgium
12 June 2015 
Coordination: Cristiano Bellini & Maria Mundt
Participants: 20 young professionals from South and Eastern Europe and Caucasus.


The Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) has hosted a “Social Media Training” for the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) young professionals at NATO HQ on the 12th June 2015. The event was addressed to 20 young leaders, from the Balkans, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe, that engaged in a series of briefings on NATO messaging, current agenda, and social media training. Relying on our previous years of success in building and supporting a wide and connected network of young professional in NATO member and partner countries, ATA has organised this Social Media training to empower YATA members in spreading NATO messages towards online public and post-Cold war generations in their respective countries. Thus, YATA Social Media Training will not only foster a better understanding of the Alliance’s objectives and missions among young professionals but also train them in communicating clearly NATO’s policies and messages to make the Alliance as accessible as possible to online communities.

During the training, ATA created a space for the active participation of the attending young professionals to engage in an exchange of ideas, expertise and experience between the young professionals and senior NATO officials. Apart from directly linking YATA young professionals from NATO member and partner countries, YATA Social Media Training has also given young participants the possibility to learn how to deliver NATO messages and NATO objectives through digital platforms. The topics of the sessions were shaped by the topics of NATO current agenda to ensure that the Alliance’s priorities could be addressed effectively by youth. By adding the youth component to the NATO social media strategy, dev.atahq.orgill seek to close the generation gap in NATO’s outreach.

Yata Social media training




Welcome remarks and NATO’s Current Agenda

– Mr Zsolt Rabai, Programme Officer, Engagements Section, Public Diplomacy Division

Workshop 1 – Readiness Action Plan

– Mr Andrew Budd, Defence Capabilities Section, Defence Policy and Planning Division

Workshop 2 – The Ukraine Crisis and NATO-Russia Relations

– Dr Petr Lunák, Deputy Head, Engagements Section, Public Diplomacy Division


Workshop 3 – Crisis on NATO’s Southern Border

– Mr Rolf Schwarz, Middle East and North Africa Section, Political Affairs and Security Policy Division

Training Session 1 – Social Media Integration and Campaigns for Events

– Mr Axel De Mil, Social Media Coordinator, Communications Services, Public Diplomacy Division

– Ms. K. Knickle, Public Affairs and Strategic Communications, Public Diplomacy Division


Training Session 2 – Social Media Measurement and Assessment

– Mr Franky Saegerman, Head, Social Media Unit, Communications Services, Public Diplomacy Division


Keynote Address to the ATA Council

H.E. Ambassador Alexander Vershbow,

Deputy Secretary General

Concluding remarks

Youth Ministerial Meetings: Presentation of Policy Recommendations by Mr. Daniel Fazlic, Youth Ministerial Delegate