Date: 26 April, 2017


Location: Brussels

Round Table Discussion 


April 26th 2017, ATA HQ, Brussels

Organized by
Atlantic Treaty Association,
The Prgaue Society & Global Panel Foundation

Supported by
United Technologies Corporation

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Recent events have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the formulation of an effective security and defense strategy for the Euro-Atlantic region. After decades of strong relations and cooperation between the US and EU, the transatlantic bond is under tremendous strain. Uncertainty is further compounded by concerns related to the upcoming elections in France, Germany and other members of the Alliance. Thus, Allies, Partners and Institutions need innovative ideas to effectively prepare for the upcoming NATO Meeting in Brussels to ensure the adaptation of the Alliance to the emerging security environment.

With particular reference to the upcoming NATO Meeting in Brussels in May and its impact on the relations between the United States and its European Allies, key opinion formers from both NATO and EU, alongside distinguished representatives from Militaries, Think Tanks and Industry discussed on how to assure the adaptation of the Alliance and the impact of the NATO Special Meeting on transatlantic relations.