Date: 5 July, 2016




Following the Wales Summit NATO Allies pledged to reverse the decline in defence expenditures in order to meet NATO’s 2% + 20% Guidelines within a decade. With the recent NATO communique released on January 28th indicating a halt in defence spending cuts throughout NATO members in Europe, followed by the US announcement of the “European Reassurance Initiative” that will increase US defence spending in Europe from $789 million to $3.4 billion; policymakers, military officials and industry representatives must engage and cooperate with each other to determine how to best meet the current defence needs of the Euro-Atlantic region.

a) To bring together industry, military and policy makers to discuss how to better coordinate defence investments in innovation in order to arrive at the Warsaw Summit with a clear investment strategy to address the current security environment;

b) Following the Warsaw Summit, to consolidate the political declarations, military needs and industrial strategy in order to arrive at the NATO Industrial Forum in November with a clear investment strategy to address the current security challenges;

c)To pool best practices on research and development and procurement;

d) Enhance coordination of available resources within the context of TADIC.