Date: 15 - 16 May, 2019

Hour: 15:00

Location: Ghavar - Gyumri

Since 2007, the Armenian Atlantic Association has held a NATO Education Rally throughout the country. Its main aim is to overcome misunderstandings related to NATO as an international organization and to involve youth more in security and defense. Furthermore, it increases knowledge awareness and understanding of the Alliance, its values and its crucial role in safeguarding global security, even outside its own borders.

On the occasion of NATO’s 70th anniversary the Armenian Atlantic Association is organizing events throughout the country with activities in Vanadzor, Yeghegadzor, Gavar, Gyumri and with a final conference in Yerevan. These events aim to foster discussion and debate on the role and relevance of NATO as an Alliance for the 21st century, relevant to all generations, but especially young people.

During the rally, AAA’s ‘NATO Handbook’ will be presented! This publication, available in Armenian, highlights the main purpose, role and successes of the Alliance! NATO forms the link between Europe and North America, protecting more than 1 Billion people in the North Atlantic region.

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