Date: 17-18 September, 2016


Location: Ostrava

As the biggest public diplomacy engagement within the Alliance, the 16th edition of the NATO Day in Ostrava, organized by the Czech Euro-Atlantic Council, was attended for the first time by ATA Secretary General Jason Wiseman. ATA Secretary General engaged the audience as a panelist on panel II “Resilience As a Key Emerging Concept in NATO: Experience and Outlook”.

The presentation “Increasing Resilience”, available here, focused on NATO’s new engagement in strengthening and implementing Resilience, following the Warsaw Summit’s recommendation to countering hybrid threats.

The forum included members of the Czech Government, NATO representatives, top representatives of armed forces, security and emergency management services of the Czech Republic and allied countries, members of regional and municipal authorities, ambassadors, defence and air attachés and other guests from home and increasingly from abroad, mostly from Europe and the USA.