Date: 27 May, 2019

Hour: 12:00

Location: Novi Sad

The Atlantic Council of Serbia, in the framework of the project “Euro-Atlantic integration in the eyes of the Serbian media”, with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade, will organize a round table discussion on 27th May at 12.00 at the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad.

The round table will feature interventions from:

  • General Cesare Marinelli, the head of the NATO Military Liaison Office will discuss the relations between Serbia and NATO.
  • Boško Jakšić, a foreign political commentator and correspondent of the Politika from Rome and the Middle East, whose topics are: promotion of objective journalism and the development of pro-Russian rhetoric in the Serbian media.
  • Milan Mišić, a foreign political commentator and a long-term correspondent of Politika from the USA, who will talk about the topics: promotion of objective journalism and relations between the Serbian media and NATO and Russia.
  • Aleksandar Radić, military and political analyst and commentator whose theme is: image that is created about Serbia`s cooperation with the Euro-Atlantic community.

This round table will be moderated by Mr. Vladan Živulović, President of the Atlantic Council of Serbia.