Date: 15 October, 2015


Location: Brussels

On October 15th, a selected group of ATA members took part in a day of briefings at NATO Headquarters for a new ATA program titled ‘Brief the Briefers’. This program aims to give influential ATA Members up-to date and detailed information on NATO’s most pressing issues for 2015-2016 so the knowledge can be inserted into the various programs taking place throughout the ATA network over the next 12 months.

“Brief the Briefers” is targeted at ATA members who play an active role in the dialogue on transatlantic defense and security, who have demonstrated their continued added value to the ATA network, meet their constitutional and financial obligations to ATA, and whose activities exhibit a great level of impact in their respective countries.

This event was the occasion for ATA members to engage with NATO heads of divisions and key experts to get a clear understanding of recent developments related to Trident Juncture, Open Door Policy, Collective Defense and the Warsaw Summit agenda.