Date: 11-12 October, 2016


Location: Toronto

The NATO Association of Canada hosted the Atlantic Treaty Association’s 62nd General Assembly. The event took place on October 11th – 12th 2016, at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Canada. The Atlantic Treaty Association creates a network to facilitate Euro-Atlantic relations and brings together high representatives of partner countries in the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East. The General Assembly engages discussion on various issues regarding terrorism, security, migration, cyber war and climate change. Join us again this year for another thought-provoking Assembly.

The 62nd ATA General Assembly falls in an historical moment for the Alliance. The successful NATO Warsaw summit has demonstrated that the Alliance has to play a crucial role in this complex contemporary word and that global security challenges require indeed a stronger and more effective NATO. In this time, the Atlantic Treaty Association has strong role to play. This ATA general Assembly will be gathering senior representatives from the dev.atahq.orgith the aim to indicate the path to protect our transatlantic values of democracy, freedom and protection of human rights. To this end, the ATA stimulates a better understanding of NATO through a stronger scientific cooperation and dialogue and by raising awareness within the youth generations. In this respect the Atlantic Treaty is proud to continue to channel energies and efforts in supporting the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association with the aim to build a robust future leadership.

The 62nd ATA General Assembly provided an important opportunity for members of the transatlantic community to gather and collaborate over the pressing issues challenging international security. The insights and perspectives shared over the course of these two days made for truly constructive dialogue which will undoubtedly shape how members of the transatlantic community think about and respond to issues of security and defence in the future. One only needed to take a walk around the conference room to observe this constructive dialogue in action, as General Assembly participants met with both old colleagues and new connections to share ideas, collaborate on upcoming initiatives, offer insight and advice to students and young professionals, and learn from one another’s diverse experiences. The knowledge and ideas shared during this year’s ATA General Assembly are a testament to the formidable work of the dedicated diplomats, military personnel, academics, politicians, young professionals and students who contributed to the conversation, and illustrates the important role of the General Assembly as a platform for reflection and progress for the ATA.