In October 2018, in order to foster ATA commitments to fostering gender equality, a  specific  Task  Force  dedicated  to  for  empowering  women  and supporting  balanced  gender  inclusiveness  the  field  of  Security  and  Defence has been created. Its aim is to preparing background materials and analysis on the issue and provide recommendations to ATA and YATA Community, NATO and Governments on this subject.

The  Task  Force  is chaired  by  Mrs.  Krista  Mulenok,  Secretary General  of ATA Estonia, member of the NATO’s first Civil Society  Advisory  Panel  on  Women,  Peace  and  Security  (CSAP)  since  2016  and  composed  by Members of the ATA and YATA (Youth section of ATA) network and coordinated by the Secretariat in Brussels.  So far, The ATA TF is composed by Representatives from Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Greece, Israel, Italy and Turkey.

For more information about becoming member of the ATA Task Force WPS, please contact Male colleagues are encouraged to participate!

The Task Force is currently composed by:


Secretary General, Estonian Atlantic Association
She has been the Secretary General of the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association since 2012. She has a Master of Science degree in Economics and Administration as well as a Master degree in Law. Krista has founded UN res. 1325 “Women, Peace and Security“ roundtables and international conferences in Estonia. In 2015 she established a Civil Protection NGO. Krista was a European Parliament independent candidate in 2014. She is a Member of Union of Estonian Women Lawyers and Union of Estonian Taxpayers. Krista has founded a European Tax and Law Group daughter company in the Baltic States and purchased Latvian and Lithuanian offices. In 2002 she founded an accounting website and enterprise which organised the biggest accountancy projects in Estonia.


Program Director, Atlantic Treaty Association
Graduated in Political Sciences at the Catholic University in Milan, she holds a Master Degree in EU External and Internal Security at Sciences Po Strasbourg and in Politics and International Relations from the LUMSA University in Rome. In 2015 she took part in an internship program at Eurocorps, a multinational military HQ in Strasbourg, and at the Representation of the European Commission in Rome in 2016. She has been working at the ATA HQ in Brussels since 2016 and she is Member as well as acting POC for the ATA Task Force WPS at the ATA Secretariat.


President, YATA Albania, VP Communication, YATA International
Graduated from the State University of Tirana with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a profile in Politics and Government. Also based on a Excellence Scholarship from European University of Tirana, she graduated with a BA in International Relations.  She has a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from the EUT and a Master of Science in International Law. She worked at European University of Tirana as a Professor Assistant at the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Applied Social Science. She has been part of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Albania since 2010 as a student and working closely with the ATA of Albania since 2012. Since five years, she has been in charge as the Director of the Department of Human Resources at the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Albania.

Astghik INJEYAN 
President, YATA Armenia, Armenia Atlantic Association

Astghik Injeyan is the President of the Youth branch of Armenian Atlantic Association and also works at the International Center for Human Development as network projects coordinator. Astghik Injeyan holds her Bachelor degree in Operational Management and obtained her Master degrees in International Business Management and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University (France) and French University in Armenia Foundation (Armenia). Astghik Injeyan is an active member of the ATA Task Force WPS representing Armenia, as well as member of various local and international networks. Her research interests include security issues, conflict management, gender issues, NATO-Armenia relations, labour migration, civil society strengthening, etc.

Member, Azerbaijan Atlantic Cooperation Association, Chairwoman, Women’s Association for Rational Development (WARD)
Shahla Ismayil is a philologist of English language by education (BA and MD), later retrained as the expert on gender equality, human rights and peacebuilding. In 2005 she was awarded the John Smith fellowship on “Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance” (UK), in 2011 – the Bill Maynes fellowship for Young Leaders of Eurasia (the USA) and in 2018 “Personnalités d’avenir” Leadership Fellowship (France). Since 2014 Shahla is a fully certified international expert on Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD). She participated in over 100 in-depth certified international training courses. Currently, she works towards her PhD on gender studies. She authored over 120 publications, reports and policy papers, including NAP under UNSCR 1325. In September 2018 she was awarded with the Bob Hepple Equality Award 2018 by Equal Rights Trust (UK) for 20 years of work in justice and equality. Shahla Ismayil is fluent in Azerbaijani/Turkish, English, Russian.


Erica BORG 
Secretary General, YATA Canada, NATO Association of Canada
Erica Borg is an undergraduate student pursing a degree in International Studies and Political Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2017 she co-founded the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association’s Canadian chapter (YATA Canada) and currently holds the Secretary General position; in addition, she is the acting Vice-President of the British Columbia regional chapter of YATA Canada. Erica has a strong interest in transatlantic and NATO affairs, philosophy, policy analysis, gender studies, and diplomacy, and is studying the French, German, and Maltese languages.


Member, Atlantic Club of Bulgaria
Gergana graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2015, where she received a BA in international relations and politics. She continued her studies in University of Siena, Italy, and she now holds master’s degree in European Studies. Ms. Stoyancheva’s master’s thesis was dedicated to sexual violence as a tactic of war. She is now Project Manager at the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and the Digital National Alliance and an active volunteer in Coder Dojo Bulgaria and Rails Girls Bulgaria. In November 2018, she joined the WPS Task Force.

Secretary General & Chair of Education, Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation, Women In International Security – Hellas
Aliki Mitsakos, studied Medicine in Belgium, San Diego, U.S.A., and the University of Athens, Greece, subsequently specializing in Anaesthesia – Intensive Care and Pain Management. She holds a Ph.D., cum laude, in Pharmacology Besides her professional career, she has also been an active member of Civil Society on issues related to International relations, Security and Education, with a particular focus on Youth and Women, for the past 25 years and more. She is active in Soroptimist International, served as President of the Union of Greece, is founding member of the Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation, and president of Women In International Security – Hellas. She served on the Board of Advisors of the International Institute for Political & Economic Studies of the Fund for American Studies and Georgetown University, created (2004) a unique International Educational program for teenagers “Kernels of our Future” based on non formal / informal education methods, and founded The International Center for Leading Studies in 2012, serving as Dean. She has participated at over 100 major Conferences and meetings all over the world, delivered a number of addresses on her related interests, and published many articles to scientific journals and the press, including current concepts based on the experiences acquired in the learning approach and processes, as well as those of soft diplomacy.

Researcher & Internal Relations Manager, Atlantic Forum of Israel – ICT 
Dr.Liram Stenzler-Koblentz holds a Ph.D. from Tel-Aviv University, Political Science Department .She is specialized in military ethics, low intensity war, terrorism and guerilla warfare, targeted killing and democratic countries struggle against terrorism. She was awarded the Fox International Scholarship (2011-2012), on behalf of Yale University USA, for research that intends to offer practical solutions to problems which stand in the way of the world`s peace and prosperity. Currently she is a Researcher & Internal Relations Manager at the international Institute of Counter Terrorism (ICT), Interdisciplinary canter, Israel. Since 2018 She is a member in Forum Dvorah: Israeli non-partisan, non-profit NGO aim to promote the inclusion of women in national security decision-making processes and in peacemaking negotiations. Since 2018 she is the Israeli representative for ATA Task Force Women, Peace and Security.

Chiara PASINI 
VP, YATA Italy, Italian Atlantic Committee 
Since 2017, Vice President and co-founder of the Italian national chapter of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association. Chiara Pasini is graduated in International Science and European Institutions at the University of Milan, with a thesis on the Chinese approach on Cybersecurity. During her bachelor she was co-fonder, treasurer and then President of SIR – Students for International Relations, a university association focused on the main topics of the international relations, diplomacy and international cooperation. Since September 2018 and currently, she is enrolled in the master degree in International Relations at the University of Florence.  Chiara Pasini is an active member of the Woman, Peace and Security task force established by the Atlantic Treaty Association. Starting from 2017 she is a volunteer of the Italian Red Cross.

VP, YATA Turkey
Selin Yılmaz has graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Law, İstanbul. She is a registered legal intern at the Istanbul Bar. She has been working as the Vice President Responsible for Public Diplomacy for Turkish Young Atlantic Treaty Association since November 2017.  Throughout her YATA career, she’s represented YATA Turkey in meetings abroad. She is now the representative of Turkey for the Women, Peace and Security TaskForce.





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