"I’ve been collaborating with the Atlantic Treaty Association  since last year in my capacity as counter-terrorism expert and strategic adviser of the Commissioner general of the Belgian Federal Police. Having experienced terrorism at first hand through the Belgian connection with the Paris attacks, and the attacks on Brussels as well, I can only underline that ATA has shown leadership in creating the right and comprehensive platforms for exchange of knowledge between a wide and balanced spectrum of stakeholders, active in the fight against terrorism and radicalisation. ATA has also shown vision in understanding the need for a “co-production” of counter-terrorism, taking into account not only law enforcement but also civil society, academic and military players. Due to various initiatives, from Jordan to Brussels,  ATA has been able to bring about a tangible added-value and contributed to materialize an adequate network of game changers."

Strategic advisor of the Belgian Federal Police

"The Atlantic Treaty Association is a leader in security and defense policy-development across the Euro-Atlantic, stimulating an effective transfer of best practices across countries, generations and civil society. I had the privilege of collaborating with ATA in a NATO program on Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection Against Emerging Security Challenges. The high level of speakers and participants made this forum unique and very rewarding for all parties involved. Collaborating with the ATA is extremely beneficial."

Metodi Hadji-Janev
Defense Attache to the United States

We appreciate the contribution made by the Atlantic Treaty Association in promoting a better understanding of the Alliance amongst our nations

Warsaw Summit Communiqué
Issued by the Heads of State and Government participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Warsaw 8-9 July 2016

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The Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) is an organization of 38 national chapters that, since 1954 has been conducting analyses, training, education, and information activities on foreign affairs and security issues relevant to the Atlantic Alliance. ATA draws together political leaders, diplomats, civilian and military officers, academics, economic actors as well as young professionals and students in an effort to further the values set forth in the North Atlantic Treaty.