Atlantic Voices, Volume 7, Issue 02 – February 2017

Article 5 is the backbone of NATO. In a time of (potential) threats coming from different directions, how to ensure solidarity within NATO? Adding to the urgency of finding common approaches is a phenomenon that is spreading throughout the member states, namely the rise of populism and nationalism. Combined with anti-establishment rhetoric it challenges the premises of the post-1945 values-based international liberal order, and can as such also pose a threat to NATO.

The first article looks at the upcoming French elections, that could potentially have profound consequences for NATO-France relations, as well as for France’s solidarity with other Alliance members. In the second article, the trans-Atlantic values underpinning solidarity within NATO are under scrutiny. What are the trans-Atlantic values exactly and are they being upheld by all member states?


  • France and NATO: More of the Same, Or a Shock?

Mr. Martin Michelot analyzes the views on of the five main candidates in the French elections on defense spending and NATO. He provides different scenarios for France-NATO relations, depending on which  candidate wins the elections on either April 23 or May 7, 2017.

  • Our Shared Values

Mr. John Jacobs looks at the shared values that underpin solidarity within the Alliance. What is specifically meant when we use the term “trans-Atlantic values”? And are these values really (still) upheld by all members of NATO, or do we see divisions within the Alliance?