Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 6 – June 2016

In July 2015, a much expected nuclear deal was finally reached between Iran and the P5+1 (Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany), announcing the lifting of international sanctions against Tehran in exchange for the country’s agreement to limit its nuclear activity to energy purposes.

This issue focuses on the impact the deal has had on world security. The lifting of sanctions against Iran has acted as a game changer for the country which is now able to openly trade with world powers as well as have a voice on the international scene.

Iran is now able to export its large oil resources across the globe, notably to China and Europe, which has had negative impacts for the price of crude oil and thus for other oil exporting countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia. On top of traditionally tense relations with Riyadh, Tehran’s disregard for OPEC’s guidelines and increased influence in Syria can be expected to further contribute to the region’s instability.

Despite the deal, the nuclear threat has not disappeared and remains a concern for NATO which is in a dire need to redefine its nuclear strategy in face of Russia’s assertive attitude and other actors’ threatening attitude.


  • One Year On: Iran and the World

Mr. Neil Thompson examines the state of Iran’s relations with the major world and regional powers in the year since its nuclear deal was signed with the international community, and how the lifting of sanctions has affected regional security after Iran’s return to the international scene.

  • Incompatible Needs: Denuclearization vs. Nuclear Deterrence

Ms. Flora Pidoux analyses how short term security priorities are forcing NATO to revise its nuclear strategy despite the West’s support for  denuclearization, arms reduction and non-proliferation.

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