Atlantic Voices, Volume 5, Issue 9 – September 2015

Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has launched several operations to contribute to the peace and stability of the Euro-Atlantic region. Deployed in June 1999 in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, Kosovo Force’s (KFOR) , in cooperation with the UN and the EU, continues today to maintain the stability and peaceful development of the region, an effort guaranteed by the 4,800 troops from 31 countries still deployed there.

On the maritime front, Operations Active Endeavour and Ocean Shield aim to deter terrorism in the Mediterranean and piracy off the Horn of Africa respectively. These two operations support the international effort to secure maritime routes and prevent the transit of terrorists and illegal supplies from one region to another.

These three examples illustrate NATO’s commitment to contributing to peace and security using the Alliance’s military capabilities and cooperation with other institutions. NATO’s involvement in crisis management and humanitarian relief will be explored in this issue, outlining the Alliance’s role in securing our world beyond the transatlantic region.


“NATO’s Disaster Relief Missions: Out-Of-Area And Out-Of-Mission?”

Ms. Flora Pidoux explores how NATO widened their scope of action in terms of disaster-relief missions, from solely focusing on member countries to becoming a global actor, through collaborating with regional and international institutions.

“Cooperation Versus Control In NATO’s CIMIC Doctrine”

Ms. Grace Rosinski examines the principles within NATO’s Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Doctrine in order to identify barriers to effective cooperation during crisis operations, such as NATO’s culture of control.

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