Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 9 – September 2016

The volatility of some of NATO’s closer neighbors has increasingly been having security implications for the Alliance.  Due to its rapprochement with the West, Ukraine has captured most of the media attention, with the Alliance’s Southern Flank being pushed to the sidelines. Equally concerning, the North Coast of Africa has been going through particular turmoil, from the Arab spring to the ongoing Syrian war, which have directly affected the Euro-Atlantic with migration and terrorism.

Despite all these threats, NATO has been indirectly involved in countering them by giving more opportunity to individual countries and by backing partners of the Mediterranean Dialogue through capability building. NATO has thus  been paying more attention to the South, responding to the ever growing threat of terrorism and modernization necessity. Operation Active Endeavour, the Alliance’s patrolling mission in the Mediterranean will soon be replaced by Sea Guardian, further explained in the first article.

The Libyan crisis will be the object of the second article, which aims at explaining the Alliance’s lack of involvement, despite the dramatic consequences it has for regional security.


  • Fifteen Years of Active Endeavour: Evaluation of NATO’s Mission

Mr. Nicholas A. Glavin analyzes the results of Operation Active Endeavour in the Mediterranean. After 15 years of service, Operation Sea Guardian will supersede in an effort to secure the Alliance’s Southern maritime front.

  • Libya, 5 Years Later

Mr. John G.L.J. Jacobs assesses the current situation of Libya five years after the destitution of the Qadhafi regime. Five years after the NATO-led Operation Unified Protector the Alliance is unlikely to deploy again, preferring capacity building rather than direct involvement in the civil war.

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