Illegal trafficking of all sorts poses grave problems to the international community, and especially to sovereign states as smuggling do not respect neither regulations nor borders. It is even more dangerous when considering that drugs and arms are the most illegally traded goods, therefore undermining the efforts of the international community to ban such traffic.

The collapse of the USSR played an important part in small arms trafficking as weapons were stolen and illegally traded all the way to Africa and South America, and now used by local militias, spreading instability throughout the continents. Arms smuggling from the ex-USSR made it possible for deprived groups to start conflicts based on ethnical reasons, and to seize power by force.
The smuggling of drugs and arms are closely intertwined with terrorism, as the revenues generated by those activities often feed acts of terror, both in terms of finance and means to spread such fear. With the resurgence of such attacks, more initiatives need to be put on the table to effectively prevent illegal trade.



Countering Arms Smuggling 

Ms. Hanna Nykänen analyzes the international initiatives that have been put in place to counter arms smuggling, be it dedicated treaties, cooperation, border controls, etc. The negative impact of illegal arms trade is also explored, linking it to the development of terrorism.

NATO’s Impact On Drug Trafficking 

Ms. Kathryn Gudmunson explores the issues linked to drug trafficking, from the case of Afghani poppy producers, to the traffic routes and the demand. This article also details various measures that have been put in place to stop this ille-gal and dangerous trade.


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