Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 5 – May 2016

How can NATO address new and potent security challenges with limited financial means? This is the puzzle the European Allies have been trying to solve since the resurgence of direct security threats.

The answer is simple: cooperation. Cooperative security is a key component of NATO which has been replaced by crisis management since the end of the Cold War. Today, cooperation must be brought back to the surface, a task which is difficult to achieve.

NATO members collectively have the capacity to protect the continent; however, they are reluctant to share their military capabilities with their neighbors via a supranational body, such as the UN or the EU, which  could coordinate the international effort to fight off terrorism and other current dangers. The first article will analyze the efforts of each organization in regards to cooperative security.

Some cooperative programs have been put in place, notably through NATO’s Smart Defence program. The German-Netherlands cooperation, which will be discussed in the second article, is proof that international cooperation can work. There is still a long way to go before all 28 Allies follow this example.


  • The Future of the EU’s Pooling & Sharing and NATO’s Smart Defence

Ms. Christine Andreeva compares the European Union’s and NATO’s cooperative defense strategies. Each system presents advantages and both share many similarities, however, it seems counterproductive for both to exist.

  • Germany and the Netherlands: Leading the Way in Defence Cooperation

Ms. Marianne Copier details the cooperative efforts implemented by the Netherlands and Germany, namely the 1 (Germany/Netherlands) Corps,  in order to merge their forces and thus cut down the costs of securing Europe.

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