“No country can face the new terrorist threat alone. It is necessary a new counter-terrorism strategy combining three levels of security: international cooperation, a resolute action by national governments and a new security culture for citizens”, the President of the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) Fabrizio W. LUCIOLLI stated on the eve of the International Conference “Terrorism, Cooperative Security and Interconnected Threats”, scheduled on November 19 at Palais d’Egmont, Brussels.

The new security threats and counter-terrorism will be the focus of the discussion that will be joined by: NATO Deputy Secretary General Amb. Alexander VERSHBOW; Advisor to the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Peter SPOOR; Secretary General of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly David HOBBS; Senior Civilian Representative of the Secretary of Defense in Europe, US Mission to NATO, Robert BELL; along with political leaders from the Middle East and Africa such as: Minister and Head of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan Regional Government-Iraq Falah Mustafa BAKIR; Former Minister and National Security Advisor of the Palestinian National Authority Mohammed DAHLAN; Former President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania Ely Ould Mohamed VALL.

“The fight against terrorism must become the priority of a common security agenda for NATO and EU member states, and for the countries in the Mediterranean and Middle East”, Luciolli observed. The aim of the Conference is “to adopt common solutions to the common threats to the security of our cities, which are not only of military nature”.

The Conference is organized by the Atlantic Treaty Association in cooperation with Abhath – Al Thuraya Consultancy and Researches, Mediterranean-Gulf Forum, and NATO.

The Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) is an organization of 37 national chapters that since 1954 has been conducting analyses, training, education, and information activities on foreign affairs and security issues relevant to the Atlantic Alliance.

(For more information: Flora Pidoux – +32 25 02 31 60; to register to the conference www.cooperativesecurity.eventbrite.com – Live tweeting @ATAUpdates #ATABXL #MGForum)