NATO partners across the globe remain crucial to NATO’s goal of creating a more secure world. In particular, NATO’s partners in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, are vital to crafting a stable and peaceful environment. Threats from North Korea and disputes in the South China Sea continue to present a dilemma for NATO Allies and partners. As such, dialogue among affected nations is integral to the success of freedom and security in the region.

The annual NATO Asia-Pacific Dialogue is a platform to discuss trends and future concerns, as well as opportunities for closer collaboration among NATO and its regional partners. At the 7th NATO Asia-Pacific Dialogue on October 16-17th, the panel discussion “Creating Predictability in Asian and European Security Dynamics” and a subsequent dinner took place at the Atlantic Treaty Association, in partnership with the Public Diplomacy Division at NATO. The panel discussion included distinguished guest NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller, as well as experts from the region, Professor Robert Patman, Professor Shen Dingli, and Professor Matake Kamiya, as well as Atlantic Treaty Association’s own Secretary General, Jason Wiseman.

The key highlights of the panel discussion focused on closer European and Asian cooperation, seeking to further the information sharing and best practices that occur today. Deputy Secretary General Gottemoeller stated the importance of the NATO Asia-Pacific joint effort, “In an interconnected world, the risk of instability and conflict in the Asia-Pacific region is a potential challenge not only to the region itself, but to stability worldwide.” NATO’s continued commitment to world peace includes the Asia-Pacific region and that commitment was reaffirmed in this year’s dialogue.

The agenda for the evening can be found below. Photos from the event are available here.




7th NATO-Asia / Pacific Dialogue 2017

Monday, 16th October 2017

Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA)

Quartier Prince Albert, Rue des Petits Carmes 20

Brussels / Belgium


   18:15 hrs 

Registration and Welcome Cocktail

              18:45 hrs            

Welcome Remarks

  The Honorable Rose E. Gottemoeller

  Deputy Secretary General, NATO

     19:00 hrs

         Panel Discussion “Creating Predictability in Asian and European Security Dynamics”


        Mr. Jason Wiseman

         Secretary General, Atlantic Treaty Association


           The Honorable Rose E. Gottemoeller

          Deputy Secretary General, NATO

           Prof. Matake Kamiya

          National Defense Academy, Ministry of Defense, Japan 

          Prof. Shen Dingli

          Vice Dean of the Institute of International Affairs, Fudan University

           Prof. Robert Patman

             Head of Department of Politics, University of Otago, New Zealand

                              20:00 hrs                 

                   Followed by Dinner Reception