Good morning to everyone joining us today here at NATO HQ and for those who are
joining us through the online channels. I am Juxhina Gjoni, the President of Youth
Atlantic Treaty Association. Dear Deputy Asisstant Secretary General Miss Carmen
Romero, dear Founder of YATA, President Fabrizio Luccioli, dearf friends and
colleagues. First of all, allow me to thank you all for being here with us today, and in
my capacity of YATA President, I would like to thank in the name of the association I
represent, NATO leadership for hosting us here today and for accepting our kind
invitation to celebrate together the 25th anniversary of YATA. I am proud and grateful
for the support coming from our colleagues at NATO PDD and their strong
understanding of YATAs role. YATA has played in years and continues to play an important role in the dissemination of the transatlantic values.  In an era of fast-changing threats and challenges to security, and raising strategic competition, we as YATA remain focused on informing and developing educational and communication strategies throughout our network of young professionals and

More than seven decades since its founding NATO remains the world’s most
successful alliance in contemporary history.  Raising in the midst of the Cold War
as a deterrence alliance its has undergone several adaptations. A lot has happened
also within our association likewise NATO accepting and accomodating also new
members expanding our outreach efforts amongst member and partner
countries. Youth Atlantic Treaty Association continues to promote active participation
in society through youth dialogue. In a changing world one thing remains sure:
Strengthening, Fostering transatlantic values is foremost a prerequisite and the
benchmark for guaranteeing our alliance’s success in the upcoming
decades. Our efforts in building resilient societies through education and raising
awareness to its younger generation. But at the same way the open approach to
involve and integrate youth in the decision-making process by making their voice
heard raises the demand for a more educated and responsible generation. This is
where YATA becomes instrumental to inform and educate young professionals in
the earliest stage of their future careers.

During these 25 years, YATA has grown to 28 national chapters across and beyond
the alliance. Our association draws together countries from the west side of the
Atlantic to the eastern part of Europe and from Nordic countries to southern Europe.
We greeted our newest members last year: Israel and Austria and I hope our
association will be growing in the future as well.
To celebrate with us today it is my honor to introduce to you NATO ADSG for PDD
Miss Carmen Romero. Miss Romero was appointed NATO Deputy Assistant
Secretary-General for Public Diplomacy in October 2016. She joined NATO in May
2004 as Deputy Spokesperson and Head of Press and Media, a position she held for
12 years.

President of the Italian Atlantic Committee and former President of the Atlantic Treaty
Association (2015-2020). He is a regular lecturer in various national and
international, military, and academic institutions. Coordinator of Training Courses for
military officers and diplomats in the Western Balkans and the Middle East.