Council meeting of the Atlantic Treaty Association was held on 29th July 2021, online, as per the Article 15A of the ATA Constitution. Council adopted the Agenda, previously sent via e-mail to all Council members, as well as Minutes from the last Council meeting held in 2020.

Concerning the discussion on the status of the new Constitution, ATA President Jim Townsend, together with ATA Vice-President Alex Serban explained the process behind the work on the new Constitution, adding that the process was and is in line with the strategic review agreed by all members last year. Council members were introduced into the ATA finances by Treasurer Johannes Kahrs, who stressed that the new Bureau managed to keep expenditures low and accountability high, at the same time stressing the importance of paying dues by ATA members. YATA President Juxhina Sotiri Gjoni gave an overview of YATA since YATA election in September 2020, and mentioned activities that YATA is organizing, for now only online. ATA Secretary General Monika Begovic stressed the regained positive image ATA has with its activities in building good relations with NATO, which was confirmed by Theodossis Georgiou, Counsellor and Legal Advisor and ATA Vice-President Werner Fasslabend, who added that the new Bureau will continue in the new positive direction.

ATA President thanked the Bureau and Council members for the work they were doing, expressing belief in further enhancement of good image and “new” ATA.