Activities of ATA members are covered in two Annual reports for the years 2018 and 2019, while the Annual Report for 2020 is being prepared.

Annual reports aim to provide a comprehensive view on ATA programs and activities carried out by the ATA members. These reports include information about national associations with the purpose to increase the visibility of activities of our associations and demonstrate the power of the ATA network in promoting the role of NATO.


More specifically the annual reports provide information about:


  • the member organizations ATA&YATA
  • national activities
  • international activities
  • future projects


With more than 500 programs per year, ATA seeks to engage individuals and groups from around the world to build strong bonds.

Through reports, one can gain an insight into how ATA is increasingly active in its mission to support the NATO’s role in strengthening peace and security by promoting educational, political, economic, and military cooperation with initiatives throughout the Euro-Atlantic and beyond.


Closer collaboration, development and constant improvement are the key directions of activities ATA constantly follows.


Explore our Annual Reports to find out more about ATA, our network, highlights of the year and key figures.

You can find the reports here:,

ATA Annual Report 2019