As a reliable NATO partner and an international organization with the aim of promoting Euro-Atlantic values and the global importance of NATO, connecting associations from 37 countries in the world, Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) was chosen as the Ambassador of Brussels Summit side event ‘NATO 2030 at Brussels Forum’, organized on 14th of June by NATO and German Marshall Fund of the United States.

The aim of this side-event was to discuss the issues that were topics in the Summit, i.e. future of the transatlantic relations and security challenges that the world and NATO will face in the coming decade. Discussions were focused on a wide range of topics, such as defence and deterrence, global partnerships, innovation, resilience, climate change, cyber, energy security. This public event had an aim to enhance the transparency and visibility of the process, and it brought together government leaders, international experts, representatives from civil society, private sector and young professionals.

Together with its designated members, ATA, together with YATA, was the ‘influential voice’ and it promoted the event. In preparation for the event, ATA and YATA joined their efforts to reach out to key audiences and engage them to the discussion on NATO 2030 and the Summit’s outcomes. Having long lasting relationships with NATO, ATA is a trusted partner of NATO, thus acted as an ambassador of this event across the member states, helping NATO PDD to reach out to a variety of audiences by amplifying the event among the network and through social media accounts, with engaged cooperation, such as:

–          access to the Communication Toolkit of the event containing messages, channels and all amplification elements;

–          constant connection with NATO PDD through a shared platform (Google Drive) with all the graphic and video materials prepared in the run-up of the event;

–          chance to communicate on digital advertising in a synchronised manner together with NATO and the other Ambassador organisations.

After the event an assessment form was sent out with the information generated by member organizations, in order NATO PDD to be able to analyse the impact of ATA’s endeavour into promoting the ‘NATO 2030 at Brussels Forum’ event and also to analyse the impact of the event promotion and the outcomes generated by the discussions along the Summit decisions.

With this important role, ATA showed a strong commitment in giving visibility to the public diplomacy event organized by NATO. During the event ATA, with its impressive network, and intuitively knowing how to get a positive brand message across, spread the message by using its platform and strong network to support those efforts.

ATA’s and YATA’s, responsibilities included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Representing the event positively in a multitude of settings
  • Assisting in content creation (ie. reviews, etc.)
  • Generating brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing
  • Being a ‘leader’ in our community
  • Providing feedback and insight to NATO
  • Promoting the event via our personal social media accounts

It is important to mention that this Summit came at a pivotal moment for the Alliance, as NATO adapts to growing global competition and more unpredictable threats, including terrorism, cyber-attacks, disruptive technologies, climate change, and Russia and China’s challenges to the rules-based international order. Standing strong together to face a more unpredictable and competitive world is what the NATO 2030 initiative was about.

ATA has shown its quick reflexes and readiness to support NATO whenever needed.

ATA was the voice of #NATO2030 at #BrusselsForum across the Alliance.

June 2021