A project sponsored and supported by NATO PDD with the main topic: NATO 2030 – ATA TALKS” started on Tuesday 6 April 2021. This event focused on NATO’s “next generation” the rising generation of NATO citizens and what their vision is for a future NATO. The vision for the future by the “NextGen” was represented by members of the ATA’s youth wing – YATA.

Under the topic of the first online conference: “NATO 2030 – What the Next Generation has to say about NATO’s Future” and through discussions by moderator Juxhina Gjoni, President YATA, hosted by Krista Mulenok the Vice President of ATA with experts’ presentations, ATA and YATA contributes to exchanging ideas, knowledge and opinions giving new perspectives of security challenges and threats.

Speaker at this online conference was Nicola de Santis, Head of engagement section of Public Diplomacy Division. He discussed with YATA chapter representatives about the future of NATO, providing new information and predictions.

By organizing this online conference, ATA gave the opportunity to young members, to discuss and understand NATO values and core principles. Since NATO, as an Alliance and a military-political organization, will continue to play a key role as an effective crisis manager and as a framework for security cooperation across the Euro-Atlantic area, the opinion of the people and especially the opinion of the young people should help to form the alliance to meet the future challenges.

According to Mr. de Santis “renovation and renewal in order to preserve the values ​​that characterize the alliance is important, therefore the engagement of the next generation will provide new ideas and fresh thinking on how-to strengthen the alliance to meet the challenges of the next decade. As he mentioned, because in our history, in our common heritage and civilization of our people we find the roots of our future and also, we found answers….. Institutional memory is very important to guide our future”.

In this webinar, the youth of the ATA had the opportunity to present their vision of NATO in the years ahead – the challenges to come and how NATO should adapt to meet those challenges. Since, NATO’s core values and beliefs, such as liberty, democracy, human rights, and rule of law, are important for making a string among the Allies, they show NATO’s commitment to make the Alliance even more strengthened in the future. During the Q&A session YATA organised a round of brief remarks from 7 national chapters. These chapters in their remarks mentioned the importance of NATO for their countries of origin and for their own association. In the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the alliance the national chapters shared their remarks on their events and activities they have done during this year in regards of sharing the transatlantic values.

At the end of the event, all YATA chapters participated in a quick round of final words congratulating the 72nd anniversary of NATO, providing their vision of its future and what it means for them the NATO 2030.

Recent events have shown that Europe does not have a mechanism to respond…. and finds it difficult to present solutions. Europe was not capable to deal with virus and cyber-attacks need high expertise. As Mr. de Santis stated, “the unpredictability of the current security environment is a major source of concern (none could predict the pandemic)”.

NATO pools resources of North America and Europe to support our common values and strategic interests to secure the future of the next generation (Nicola de Santis). These values ​​based on freedom, democracy, the rule of law and fundamental human rights are not an abstract concept, but they allow us to overcome many crises (Nicola de Santis).

According to Mr. de Santis, “NATO mechanism is a regional pillar of peace and security that promotes cooperation, harmonize national positions, take decisions together, preserves freedom…..enhance international security, peace, stability, and wellbeing….common will is to analyse, discuss, find agreement and take actions. The political dimension of NATO allows for political consultations…. NATO is a partnership among equal (Nicola de Santis)”.

At the end of the conference were given a few brief concluding remarks.

Mr. Hobbs from the ATA UK said that “set up ATA and YATA UK is one of their goals, which they are trying to achieve by making collaboration with universities and colleges to establish a proper chapter”.

Mrs. Krista the Vice President of ATA mentioned that “ATA, YATA, and NATO have a huge potential for cooperation and a bright future through cooperation”.

NATO must continue to purposefully upgrade the political ways, means, and ends of its work.

Atlantic Treaty Association, as an expert and a fast observer of developments and problems solver, will continue with activities in promoting transatlantic values and importance of NATO. ATA in order to further strengthening transatlantic bond, planning to organize and prepare more similar integrated projects in the future on current issues, since there is always much more to be done. As Mr. Jim Townsend, ATA President said, “as ATA we are looking forward to such ATA TALKS in the future”.


The video of the whole conference can be found in the link bellow