A project sponsored by NATO PDD ATA TALKS with the main topic: NATO resilience – predictions after Covid-19 pandemic” started on Friday 27 November 2020 with the first online conference. This project has the aim to show that NATO’s ability to conduct operations has not been undermined in new circumstances and that NATO still keeps inevitable and irreplaceable role in modern world that is going through many changes.

Under the topic of the first online conference: “NATO 2030 – pandemic as new security challenge in interconnected world”, and through moderated discussions by moderator Jamie Shea, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO HQ, with experts’ presentations, ATA contributes to exchanging ideas, knowledge and opinions giving new perspectives of security challenges and threats.

Speakers at this online conference were: Stefano Pilotto, professor of International Relations at MIB School of Management in Trieste, PhD, Burcu San, Director for Operations, NATO HQ and Tamsin Rose, Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe.

They opened the insight into contemporary topics on international security in new circumstances the world lives in now, providing new information and predictions.

Ms. Rose said there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, referring to the vaccine being available soon, which will put an end to the pandemic, but only if people would be disciplined enough. “It is therefore needed that we start to work on education, to raise the awareness on the importance of the science”, Ms. Rose stressed, adding that the transatlantic community was in a way ready for pandemic, however it was disbelief in the beginning that made the authorities react slower and allowing virus to spread faster. “That is what made us unprepared”, Ms Rose added.

Prof. Pilotto mentioned the impact of the pandemic to democracy, saying we live in a complex situation with the new kind of enemy. Prof. Pilotto has also agreed that the response was slow in the beginning, but “many nations showed solidarity”, he added, concluding that we need to find a long-term solution, that will also help economic recovery.

Ms San talked about NATO resilience, that is a core values since its existence, incorporated into Article 3 of the Alliance’s founding Treaty. “It was proved in this pandemic that NATO member countries need to be resilient to resist and fast recover from different threats and challenges, in combination with civil preparedness”, Ms. Rose stressed. It was concluded that today’s security environment is unpredictable and in contemporary international relations, states especially need to be persistent in fighting disinformation.

Atlantic Treaty Association, as is in its vision and mission, continues with activities in promoting transatlantic values and importance of NATO, while fostering transatlantic bond. With this aim, the second online conference within “ATA TALKS” will be held on 4 December, when there will be a discussion on the “role of NATO in boosting resilience of societies and fight against disinformation.”