Changing Security Dynamics of Black Sea and Caspian Basin Countries in Light of their Partnership policy with NATO and Other International Players. International Conference, Istanbul October 6-9.

The book contains the materials of the International Conference organised in Istanbul under the umbrella of the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) by Dr. Elkhan Mehdiyev and devoted partly to NATO’s 25th year of partnership with former soviet bloc countries.
One of the objective of the Conference was to analyze and assess NATO’s cooperation directions with partner nations and identify “which factors matter for further promotion of integrated relations with NATO and other Western institutions”. Alongside with Black Sea countries, Central Asian countries partnership programs with NATO, both in Afghanistan and on bilateral basis, have been addressed.
The International Conference has much focused on the related development in the Black Sea within the context of Russian-Ukrainian hostile relations, perspectives of peace and war in a separatist driven violent conflicts in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Energy security issues running through the region to Europe have taken important part of the conference as well.
The International Conference had a large Women, Peace and Security panel where women activists across the region and OSCE ODHIR Office addressed gender equality, human rights, peace building activities, opportunities and challenges for women civil society organizations in their interaction with the security sector.
Transitions experiences of former soviet and current NATO members’ have also been addressed as a
better expertise for partner nations. From this perspective, the International Conference was rich in discussing and debating the outstanding issues in the wider area of Black Sea and Caspian basin.
Some articles presented in the publication, are purely research-based academic papers but at the same time some are the result of observations of the authors. While not all the participants expressed their desire to have their papers published the majority of presented papers are included into the book.

The publication of the book of the International Conference has been sponsored by Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. It represents an additional source for better understanding the ongoing development in the entire region.

Download the book of the International Conference here.