In the run-up to the European Elections happening later this month, the ATA has asked the groups in the European Parliament what their stances, priorities and policies are in the field of security and defense.

Why did we ask Political Groups in the European Parliament?

Freedom, security and justice are shared competences or powers, this means that competences are shared between the EU and the member states (Article 4 of the Treaty for the Functioning of the European Union) This means that the member states can act only if the EU has chosen not to.

Most groups in the European Parliament have a vision and strategic documents related to the fields of Security and Defence, however in certain cases they have opted to leave this field to the national parties. Where the latter is the case this is clearly indicated. A link is provided to the national parties belonging to the groups where those interested can find the security and defence policy priorities of the national parties.

You can find the ATA EU Election Guide under Publications & Resources or by simply clicking here.