On February 27, 2019, ATA had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Clare Hutchinson, NATO Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security for a Q&A session with various ATA Members. During her intervention Ms. Hutchinson spoke about the importance of increasing the participation and role of women in all sectors both within and outside of NATO. She mentioned how essential it is to integrate different voices into the work that is being done at NATO and supporting its allies & partners with this mission through encouraging their national forces to increase the number of women within and to listen to their voices. What NATO is doing to encourage this behavior is integrating women’s voices into their Civil Society Advisory Panel through launching a new project called “Women’s Defense Dialogues.” The goal of “Women’s Defense Dialogues” is about giving a platform to women and their voices across intersectional spectrums into talking about defense and security- NATO will be hosting these dialogues in every one of their allied and partner countries, especially in conflict countries.

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