On December 5th-6th, the ATA Secretariat hosted in Brussels a series of Meetings focused on strategic communication.


The two days meeting took place as follows:

ATA -YATA Integrated Communication Task Force
Wednesday, December 5th, 13.00h-17.00h

On December 5th the ATA hosted the kick off meeting of the ATA-YATA Integrated Communications Task Force. ATA & YATA members from across the network have gathered together in Brussels to work out ATA and YATA communication strategy and to agree how to execute it. They are exchanging experience and sharing best practices in order to strengthen ATA Communication efforts on how to promote the Transatlantic Alliance on the threshold of NATO’s 70th anniversary.



Social Media Training
Wednesday, December 5th, 17.00h-18.00h

On December 5th the ATA organized a Social Media Training for ATA & YATA representatives on the sidelines of the Communication Task Force Meeting and the Screening of the NATO HQ: Behind the lines Documentary. Ms. Karolina Wozniak, Web Comm at the European Parliament and Mr. Mariani from the Italian Atlantic Committee provided practical tips & tricks for the use of Social Media for the ATA in General as well as for the National Chapters – focusing on the diversity of topics and social media tools.


Screening: “NATO HQ: Behind the lines”
Wednesday, December 5th, 19.00h

On the evening of the Meeting of NATO Defence Ministers on December 5th 2018, NATO PDD Engagements Section invited ATA and YATA Members to the public screening of the documentary ‘NATO HQ: Behind the lines’. It presents NATO’s history through the four decades of service of the well known public figure of NATO, Mr. Jamie Shea. He received worldwide attention  while serving as the spokesperson for NATO during the 1999 Kosovo War and his last position in NATO HQ was Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges.


Brief the Briefers
Thursday, December 6th, 10.00h-13.00h

The following day, on 6th December, ATA – with the support of NATO PDD – organized a “Brief the Briefers” session with NATO speakers addressing ATA and YATA Members at ATA HQ. Mr. Paul King, Programme Officer at the Engagements Section of NATO Public Diplomacy Division spoke about the NATO’s Current Political Agenda after the Brussels Summit; Mr. Robert Rszczel, Senior Officer for Russia and Western Balkans at the Engagements Section of NATO Public Diplomacy Division spoke about NATO-Russia Relations and Mr. Michael Ruehle, Head of the Energy Security Section at NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division (in the photo), addressed the audience about the Emerging Security Risks.