On the occasion of NATO Day, 4th April, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia organized a series of public events that took place in Skopje, celebrating the signature of the Washington Treaty. The events coincided with the visit of the President of the Atlantic Treaty Association, Prof. Fabrizio W. Luciolli and were organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of FYR Macedonia, NATO Liaison Office in Skopje and the Croatian Embassy.

The NATO week included an open discussion, an interactive exhibition and an open public event at Macedonia square aimed to raise the awareness of the Alliance’s role while bringing FYR Macedonia’s strategic determination of NATO integration closer to the citizens.

Mr. Ismet Ramadani, ATA Macedonia’s President, opened the public discussion “NATO and You”,  stressing the importance of FYR Macedonia’s membership in NATO, as well as the challenges that FYR Macedonia faces towards the path to full membership.

Prof. Fabrizio W. Luciolli, ATA President, attended the conference as a keynote speaker encouraging all actors involved in resolving the name dispute, to address this issue not only in a political way, because this is an issue affecting the entire Euro-Atlantic community. He also noted that FYR Macedonia’s key player as it is located in a region which is at a crossroads of various risks and threats.

Key policymakers, diplomats, representatives from the armed forces and civilian staff involved in the process of Euroatlantic integration highlighted the benefits of joining the Alliance through direct interaction with citizens.

In the afternoon, a museum exhibition titled “The Republic of Macedonia on the Road to NATO” was organized with the aim to show the history of the Alliance, as well as the history of the Euro-Atlantic integrations of the FYR Macedonia, followed by an exhibition titled “ARM with you”, to inform the citizens about their Army and its capacities.

After the official events, ATA President Fabrizio Luciolli and an ATA Macedonian Delegation led by President Ismet Ramadani, met the Prime Minister of FYR Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev, in the premises of the Government of FYR Macedonia. President Luciolli affirmed that NATO needs new energy and stressed the need for the FYR Macedonia to remain committed in maintaining the continuity of the processes that have progressed over the past year.

He highlighted FYR Macedonia’s contribution to operations, NATO-led missions, assessing them as an important part of the country’s security, the region and beyond. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev stressed that the Government is aware of the importance of the reforms that open the way to NATO and the EU. According to him, the strategic goals of FYR Macedonia are membership in the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union, and that the encouragement means a lot for FYR Macedonia.

Furthermore, the ATA Macedonia Delegation met the President of the Assembly, Mr. Talat Xhaferi, to discuss the prospectives of FYR Macedonia for NATO membership and the cooperation with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

More information about the NATO Day in Skopje is available here. The full streaming is available in the language of the Conference here.