On September 16 & 17 the Czech Republic Association for Euro-Atlantic cooperation organized the 16th edition of the NATO days in Ostrava

NATO Days in Ostrava began their tradition in 2001. Originally, it was a regional public presentation of armed forces, police and rescuers and has since evolved into the biggest security show in Europe. This reference is justified not only by the increasing interest among foreign participants but above all by the sheer numbers of event visitors including official national representatives.

They are a  unique international exhibition of military, law enforcement and rescue units, including armed forces, police, fire-fighters, customs and prison service, with free admission for the general public. The event’s motto is ‘Our Security Cannot Be Taken For Granted and There, Is No Prosperity without Security“. This is why the event aims at presenting to the general public the widest possible range of means which the Czech Republic, its allies and partners possess for providing safety and security.

Participants present their equipment and training at the static park and during dynamic displays on the ground and in the air. The event stresses international cooperation, which in turn translates into increasing number of joint presentations by Czech and their foreign counterpart agencies. Various demonstrations of special law enforcement, rescue and security units are received with great applause of visitors. Thanks to all of this, NATO Days in Ostrava enjoy record high visitor numbers and are now the most visited two-day event in the Czech Republic. Yet, it is a lot more than just a show with attractive programme.

NATO Days in Ostrava have also become a venue of top official bilateral and multilateral government, military and police meetings and expert activities. Such a combination of general public show and high officials’ presence at one venue makes NATO Days in Ostrava an unparalleled event in the European context.